Gianluigi Bosco represented the UKBG at the IBA in Berlin and won the title with a magical performance that impressed the judges. There were 45 countries competing for the prestigious prize. His confidence and personality delivered the winning points, as did the taste of his cocktail. Congratulations from everyone at IBA on this win. Said Daniel Crebesse, the UKBG President: “We are all very excited by Gianluigi’s win. It is a great moment for the UKBG.” See the Competitions Results page for details.


1ST PLACE: GREAT BRITAIN (Gianluigi Bosco)
2nd Place: URUGUAY (Juan Santiago)
3rd Place: PERU (Jorge Pareja)

Here is Gianluigi’s winning recipe:

Absolutely Rocking

35ml Absolut Blue vodka
25ml Mango purée by Finest Call
20ml Fresh lime juice
15ml Monin vanilla syrup
25ml Caraibos cloudy apple juice

Glass: Alternato (fish-bowl / highball glass)
Method: Shake and strain
Extra: A mix of 1/2 caster sugar & 1/2 curry powder to use as a rim around the glass
Garnish: Apple fan pick on a lime wedge with a red currant, on the rim.

There were 52 countries competing in the CLASSIC Competition.

1ST PLACE: SLOVAKIA (Vladimir Banak)
2nd Place: SLOVENIA (Miro Petrevcic)
3rd Place: CZECH REPUBLIC ( Ms Sarka Janova)

Best Technical
Taiwan (Ms Wu Jou Wen)