The 1st World Mattoni Grand Drink Competition 2010

35 countries entered this year’s Mattoni Non-Alcoholic Competition held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Prague.
The Set up was fantastic and Guilio Amodio our competitor from China Tang at the Dorchester was in 5th position with cocktail ” Liquolada” Liquorice and orgeat syrup and Finest Call banana purée and of course Mattoni water.
I was backstage with the tasting jury that included The Italian, Danish, Bulgarian, Armenian presidents and myself. We saw and tasted some beautifully garnished cocktails of course I was not allowed to judge our competitors drink. But it tasted vey nice.
Derrick Lee The I.B.A President was also in attendance and Ron Busman our Europe Vice-President was in charge of the competition. The Finalists from Hungary and Russia were then hushed away to a V.I.P. area watched by the local Press and guests, whilst the rest of us went to a separate area where a splendid buffet was offered and we all watched the final on TV screens, Hungary won the competition and the $10,000. It was a great 2 days in Prague.

Daniel Crebesse UK Bartenders Guild President

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