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2017 National finals for the UKBG cocktail competition

2017 National finals for the UKBG cocktail competition were held on Monday 11th Sept and the Wringer and Mangle Spitafields, sponsored by Amaro Montenegro.

There were 16 finalist from around the UK, they had competed in their own area to qualify to be in the finals, it was very good to see three young ladies in the finals.

The standards were very high with some amazing creations, these young people really get inventive with their drinks these days the judges were amazed as they are and were bar managers in some prestigious hotels.

The competition was comprised of two sections, the first was for the competitors had to make four of the same cocktail one for each of the judges among which was our last years champion who won gold at the world finals in Tokyo and top student at the IBA school in Singapore plus winner of the coveted Angelo Zola award in Rome, she was of course ms Lucia Montanelli, from the Dorchester hotel.

The second section was for the top six to go head to head making a cocktail out of some mystery ingredients in a box. They had to choose the ingredients they wanted to use, they were given five minutes to create a cocktail from their selection.
This was quite amazing to see the creations which they came up with, they had to show the judges their ability to make one drink on the spot from mystery ingredients

The judges for this section was Luca Cordiglieri, president UKBG,
Lucia Montanelli, last years champion. Rudi Carraro from Montenegro the sponsors for the competition.

The winner will represent the UKBG at the world finals competition which will be held in Tallin, Estonia.
The top three will be whisked of to Bologna for a visit to the Montenegro Amaro distillery and be given the VIP treatment there for a three day visit, all expenses paid.

So to the top three.

First place: went to a young lady, ms Kasia Witkowska, who works at the Aviator bar Hush Mayfair

Second place : went to a young man, Loris Carotenuto, who works at the legendary Bar @ the Dorchester.
They produce some great bartenders they have had four champions represent the UKBG in the past and one gold champion.

Third place : went another young man, this time from another amazing hotel , Roberto Di Paolo. Who works at the One Aldwych hotel, where another of our champions is the bar manager,
Pedro Paulo who represented the UKBG in Cape Town 2015.

We would like to thank the managers and staff from the Wringer and Mangle for all there help and for hosting the event, all the judges, and mostly again our generous sponsors, MONTENEGRO AMARO.

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