Akvinta Grand Prix Glascow Heat Results

Tuesday 27th April Blue Dog hosted the Akvinta Grand Prix Glascow Heat. An exciting day of action from 9 competitors as they stirred, mixed and shook their fanstastic cocktails to decide which of them would go through to the Grand Final at the Buddha Bar on the 11th May.

The winner was Scott Ingram from Blythswood. In 2nd place was Massimo Lisi from L’Aperitif, Michael McAdam from Fairmount in 3rd place who also won the Best Efficiency prize. In 4th place Tom Jolly from Oloroso and 5th place Mark Tracey from La Bartenders.

TOP 5 WINNERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Michael MacAdam from Fairmount (3rd place and Best Efficiency), Mark Tracey from La Bartenders (5th place), Scott Ingram from Blythswood (Winner), Tom Jolly from Oloroso (4th place), Massimo Lisi from L’Aperitif (2nd place)

Dalmation Daisy (winner) Scott Ingram from Blythswood


4 cl Akvinta
2 cl St Germain
1 cl Benedectine
1 cl Sugar Syrup
2.5 cl Lemon Juice

2 Dashes Grapefruit Bitters

Glass: Coupe

Method: Shake and Strain

Garnish: Grapefruit Twist

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