Akvinta Grand Prix London Heat Results

Tuesday 13th April The Rockwell Bar at The Trafalgar Hotel hosted the Akvinta Grand Prix London Heat.

The winner was Carolin Weise from One Aldwych. In 2nd place was Vanina Stanek from Theo Randall@ The Intercontinental, with Nelson Bernardes from The Wardolf in 3rd place. Mirko Falconi from Lanesborough won the Best Efficiency prize.

TOP 12 WINNERS FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Stefano Cossio from The Dorchester, Alessandro Pizzoli from Ritz Hotel, Martin Siska from Rockwell, Julian Lafond from The Brompton Club, Nelson Bernardes from The Wardolf (3rd place), Vanina Stanek Theo Randall@ The Intercontinental ( 2nd place), Christian Maspes from Galvin at Windows, Carolin Weise from One Aldwych (Winner), Ansis Ancovs from Navajo Joe, Mirko Falconi from Lanesborough (Best efficiency), Alex Boggio from Dukes and Matteo Fabbris from Montgomery Place (not pictured).

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