The UKBG played a role in introducing the new soft spirit Aqua 21 by hosting a cocktail competition on the second day of the Boutique Bar Show.

Ten bartenders from across the spectrum of bars were required to present an original way to introduce Aqua 21 to their guests, and then make an original cocktail.

Andrea Patelli from Light bar was awarded first place by the judges. His prize is a trip to the distillery in Italy. Vladimir Schmidt from One Aldwich took the 2nd place with his presentation, while Yonathan Abarbanel from Albannach won the third place, thanks to a nicely balanced cocktail.

Photography by Tom Elms

Mocha Aqua (winner)

5cl Aqua 21

1cl Maraschino liqueur

5 cardamon seeds

few drops Cardamon bitters

5cl melted dark chocolate

4cl espresso coffee

Garnish: Amaretto biscuit


Crush the cardamon seeds in a shaker. Add the remaining ingredients, except for the chocolate. Melt the chocolate slowly. Combine the two lots of ingredients. Warm and serve in an Oriental tea cup.

Aqua Cadillac (2nd)

4cl Aqua 21
1.5cl Galliano
1.5cl Cacao white liqueur
1.5cl coconut cream
1.5cl double cream
1.5cl orange juice
5ml lime juice

Garnish:Coconut and orange powder on the rim.


Shake. Serve in a chilled Martini glass.

Aqua Vita (3rd)

5 grapes

4cl Aqua 21

2cl St. Germain elderflower liqueur

2cl lemon juice

1cl simple syrup

1.5cl egg white

Garnish:Lemon spiral placed on 3 grapes


Muddle the grapes in a shaker, add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled 5oz Martini glass.

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