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Bartender’s Hub – March ’21 Edition – The Golden Age – Registration Open Now!

29th March – 11.00AM – WE’RE BACK with another edition of Bartender’s Hub, UKBG’s Online Community Meetup! This month, is we sit down with the UK’s one-man encyclopaedia of all things to do with the British Bartending scene – Luca Rapetti, Assistant Bar Manager at the amazing Gong Bar at the Shard. For those who only know Luca for his smooth serves and position as a judge on various cocktail competitions, he’s also a writer whose passion has been documenting the history and heritage of the bar industry. We’ll be looking at the ‘Golden Age of Bartending‘ and hearing some awesome stories of how things used to be way, way back in the day! In addition, Luca will be giving a quick taster of a Cocktail Masterclass he’ll be leading at the end of April – so definitely one to tune in to!

Luca Rapetti, Bar Culture Historian

Luca Rapetti, Bar Culture Historian

Not to jinx anything – but there’s hopefully light at the end of the tunnel in that we may be opening back up in a few months. And when we do, there’s going to be a lot of people needing some great drinks. However, with many of our colleagues’ venues simply disappearing and others appearing in their place, we’re going to need better ways of connecting with new employers and employees. Enter Rachel Moosa of The Hospitality Gig! The Hospitality Gig is a new platform dedicated to businesses directly with hospitality staff. As the platform’s HR lead, Rachel brings a wealth of experience in finding the right talent, for the right role in the right place at the right time and believes that flexible working is the future for the hospitality industry. She’ll be sharing how her platform lets that happen, and why you should sign up today.

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Rachel Moosa – The Hospitality Gig


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