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Cocktail Making Masterclass at the Hotel and Catering Show in Bournemouth

Salvatore Damiano and Luke Harris the manager and assistant Bar manager of the Captains Club Hotel Christchurch hosted the first every cocktail making masterclass at the Hotel and Catering show at the Bournemouth international centre, sponsored by General Wines and Martin Miller Gin. The Aim of the event was to promote the UKBG and show how easy it is to make delicious drinks.

First the crowd was welcomed with taste of “The Diamond Punch” Martin Miller Gin macerated with fresh berries ,citruses ,cucumbers, apples and mint. Topped with Saint German Elderflower liquor and charges with soda water.

Luke Harris prepared a Captains Club signature cocktail Jubilee, talking about Martin Miller Gin best attributes and giving top tips on drink making.

0.35 cl Martin Miller Gin
0.10cl Briottet Cassis liqueur
0.10cl Chase Rhubab liqueur
0.25cl fresh lime juice
2 drops of Angostura orange bitters

Method: Shake and double strain into a coupette glass.

Garnish: Twist of orange on the rim with some Pimms Caviar

Salvatore made a Tom Collins with a twist, explaining the importance of classic cocktails forming the foundation for all professional bartenders knowledge and how the UKBG legacy promotes these standards for generations to come.

‘Martin’s Collins”
0.35cl Martin Miller gin;
0.25 Homemade Earl gray syrop;
2drops of orange bitter angostura ;
0.25 Fresh Grapefruit;
top up soda
Garnish: Grapefruit twist and sprig of mint

Method: Built in a highball glass

Salvatore finished the masterclass showing how to make a classic Martini.

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