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The Dalmore Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Tasting & Dinner with Richard Paterson at the Library, Southbourne

On Wednesday 23rd May, two days after the 6th competition of the Bournemouth Bartenders League was the Dalmore Whisky Tasting & Dinner with Richard Paterson, Dalmore’s Master Distiller. At 2pm a social complimentary glass or Jura 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky was given out to everyone. Once everyone had a taste Mr. Richard Paterson began his talk of the great Dalmore history, combination of flavours and distilleries.
During Richard Paterson’s talk we tasted different Whisky’s of Dalmore’s, Dalmore 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old and also 18 Year Old. On top of Damlore’s three bottles was a tasting of White & Mackay Blended Whisky and finally, Then Dalmore Alexander III finished off the tastings for the afternoon with Mr Paterson’s exciting experience on Whisky drinking, but only to return at 7pm for the Whisky Tasting Dinner at the Library in Southbourne.

The dinner event began with a quick introduction from James Fowler, Manager of Larderhouse and the Library and Richard Paterson himself. We then moved onto drinking the meal with the Dalmore’s Whisky’s range, appearances included Salvatore Damiano, Bar Manager at the Captains Club Hotel and some of the hotels bar staff, certain competitors from the Bournemouth Bartenders League, Rafael Gonzales and also Ian Robinson, Sales Manager for White & Mackay. A big thank you to James Fowler and Joel Whitmore at the Library hosting the event and all their services all evening, another big thank you Ian Robinson for his input on the day and a final thank you to Richard Paterson for coming to the event and being Bournemouth’s guest for the day and night.

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