Daniel Crebesse Report of the UKBG Akvinta National Cocktail Competition FINAL

It has been a great day at the Buddha Bar where 27 anxious finalists prepared for the last leg of the 2010 Akvinta Grand Prix. The winner would not only become National Champion but compete with the other 55 countries in a showdown for the IBA World Championship title in Singapore.

This year though we had an addition to the usual competition The Bartenders had to match a dish to their drink, food matching is a new level in mixology just as Sommeliers have to match their wines to the food, so why not match cocktails to tasty dishes!

Peter Dorelli raised the roof with his competing encouraging the crowed to supprt the competitors and interact with everybody half way through we called out the winners of the first round 6 finalists going head to head to snatch the victory only one of them would go on to be Champion!

As we all gathered at the bar as usual we started with the Julien Lafond from The Brompton Club in 3rd place everyone held their breath as the drama was mounting…. Until one name was shouted STEFANO COSSIO From the Dorchester Bar but wait a minute that’s not all Stefano also won the Best Efficiency and the food matching, Wow! That’s a landslide! Well done STEFANO! In very close second came Alex Boggio from the Dukes Bar.

The level of the competition was very high everyone gave 100%, watch out for our second national competitions this year! Thanks to you everyone involved in the competition, The Buddah Bar management and staff, my committee, the sponsors, all the judges, Tom Elms and a special thank you to my Vice-President Luca for his hard work.

Warm regards,

Daniel Crebesse


Daniel Crebesse
UK Bartenders Guild

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