Daniel Crebesse Report of the UKBG Akvinta National Cocktail Competition London Area Heat

The day started very well with the competitors arriving at a steady pace. As soon as the registration was over we were able to get underway, right on time and John Jeffrey (Akvinta Brand Manager) armed with his microphone got the show on the road. Meanwhile the tasting jury composed of some of the biggest names in the trade, were getting ready for the cocktails to arrive, the panel was expecting top quality drinks being the National competition. They got just that! High standards, quality and consistency all round. The event was running smoothly thanks to Luca Cordiglieri checking and re-checking everything, thanks to everyones hard work, the whole day went quickly by 16.00 it was all over and a short while later we were able to produce the results! And what results, two ladies came 1st and second, Carolin (One Aldwich) and Vanina (Intercontinental Hotel). Gentlemen beware the ladies are getting stronger!

I am personnally delighted it is great to see ladies getting through and winning competitions. I will sum up by saying that we had a fantastic heat!

Next week we travel to Surrey for the Southern heat, see you all in May for the final!

Warm regards,

Daniel Crebesse

UK Bartenders Guild President
Pink Parrot (winner) Carolin Weise from One Aldwych


3cl Akvinta Vodka
2cl Chambord
1cl Gomme Syrup
½ Tamarillo Fruit
A Spig of Rosemary

2cl Passionfruit Puree

Glass: Martini with bowl

Method: Muddle, Shake, Double Strain

Garnish: Tamarillo, Rosemary, Passionfruit

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