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A day at the Chase Distillery “The Single Estate Experience”

A day at the Chase Distillery “The Single Estate Experience”

A group of 20 drink connoisseurs from Bournemouth and London made their way to the Chase Distillery early in the morning of the 4th of March 2014.

When we arrived Alex Davies “Chase quality controller, research and distiller” proudly explained their concept of Single Estate Spirit (inspired by Chichibu Japanese distillery and bourbon in the ageing of their whisky) and he showed us around the farm, just after a well deserved coffee.

A lot to see and admire:

• From the typical crops of potatoes, apples and wheat, to the new coming plantations of barley, the beginning of their very exciting whisky project.

• The equipped system of fermentation, distillation of vodka and connected carter heads to flavour their gin, where there is not computer control but just a lot of common sense, hard work and passion is so impressive.

• The “Marmaliser“ with some very unusual flavour that I can not mention in respect of distillery policy.

• The hand bottling system, where some of us had a go with some interesting results, as you can see in Matt Pollards great images of the day.

• And last but not least the tallest Column Still in the world.

After Lunch we had a tasting of all complete range and portfolio together with Alex and the man himself Jamie Baggott master distiller/operations manager, giving us the opportunity to discuss and discover more about all things Chase.

No wonder that Chase entered the market with their own Potato vodka in the 2008 and today can count about 78 products including local cider and liquors, exporting even in Canada.

A great experience for everyone involved, also considering that for many in the group, it was the very first time in a proper distillery.

A nice day where we learnt a great deal, had fun and experienced a day we will always remember.

Salvatore Damiano

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