ELIT™ Vodka is Looking for Elite Level Martinis


Could your Sustainable Martini Recipe Win the Master of International Cocktail Competitions?

The ELIT Martini Masters international cocktail competition is open for submissions from UK bartenders, and there are once-in-a-lifetime prizes and prestige to be won. Previously known as the Art of Martini, the competition hosted by ten-time platinum award-winning vodka ELIT™ is back after a four-year hiatus. If you can move the Martini forward into the future, this might be the competition for you.

To support our UK bartenders in this challenge, we have drilled down into the judging criteria to help enhance the quality of your entries.


The Future of the Martini

All of us need to do something about sustainability, and now. This is a call to arms from ELIT Vodka. Can you compete with the best bartenders in the industry from 13 countries (United Kingdom, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Australia, Turkey, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates and Mexico) to bring a sustainable twist on the classic Martini to life and form the very future of the cocktail?

Think mixing pedigree ingredients with pioneering ideas. Demonstrate your talents when

performing your craft and making your Martini; ELIT is looking for award-winning standards regarding your professionalism and skill. They want to see why you think your creation embodies the perfect Martini. Take them on a journey from the past and into a present that looks forward to the future.


Focus on Sustainability

The sustainability challenge for this year’s edition falls in line with ELIT Vodka’s dedication to championing sustainability, diversity, and inclusion, as demonstrated by the brand’s partnership with pioneers in electromobility, the Formula E team ROKiT Venturi Racing.

Winners of the Global ELIT Martini Masters will make Martinis at ELIT events during three Formula E race weekends during the 2023 racing season. The best bartenders will compete in regional heats before heading to the global final in Athens from 7th – 8th November 2022.


The ‘Five Ts’

The overarching goals of sustainability, perfection and performance will be judged using the Five Ts: Trend, Technique, Taste, Temperature and Tall Tale. So let’s break those down and see exactly what the judges are looking for.



Each decade sees a new trend hit the Martini serve, and it’s up to you as bartenders to determine where this classic is going in the next decade. As you are on the front line of the profession, you will know what trends you see popping up from creative bar serves to changing customer needs. Look in detail at the subtle alterations you see around you, from changing supply chains to developing tastes and ask yourself how these trends affect sustainability and the future of the Martini.



The first decades of the Martini’s existence were a resounding success, placing the cocktail deftly in the annuls of history. One reason for this was the strict adherence to the quality and attention to detail taken to build the drink. The methods of stirring, throwing and shaking were all developed in these early days and have come to form the basis of the customer experience. How can you translate that attention and adherence to technique to your modern Martini?



The taste of a Martini is all about quality ingredients balanced in harmony. Each flavour must come to life, whether they roll out one after another like in a fine Cognac or sing simultaneously like a choir hitting the right note. Chose your palate carefully because there is nowhere to hide in a Martini serve.



In no other drink does the temperature affect to taste of the cocktail to such a degree as in the Martini. Without ice, the Martini is just damp spirits. And there are many options for controlling the temperature of the serve. Whether you’re a fan of the straight-from-the-freezer serve at Duke’s, the stirred and chilled Martini from the Connaught or the scientific temperature controls used at Satan’s Whiskers. Temperature affects dilution, volume, and flavour, so carefully consider what methods you might apply to get the temperature you want.


Tall Tale

The final element is the story. While many versions of the Martini’s origin story exist, what can you say about the drink that brings your cocktail to life? How does the narrative that you believe lead us to your drink? The tall tale gives the bartender the flexibility and creativity to evolve the origin story of the Martini through their serve and presentation of their cocktail.


How to Enter the ELIT Martini Masters

To win the title of the ‘Global ELIT Master of the Year’ first, you must master the UK heat of the competition. Join our newsletter for detailed instructions on submitting your entries, then head to the UK ELIT Martini Masters Facebook group for links to the submission forms and an in-depth bartender tool kit. The Facebook group is a communication tool for the bartender community to share information, ideas and news about the challenge. It will offer insights into the judges’ expectations and is a space to ask any questions.

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