Incognito Spirit Company

Welcome to Incognito Spirit Company. Super premium small batch spirits, handcrafted and distilled in the United Kingdom.

About Incognito Spirit Company.

Anyone familiar with Incognito and their remarkable cocktail bars, will know that they have always pushed the boundaries of tradition, by creating high-quality, innovative products.

Incognito Spirit Company was born from the desire to create a premium spirit brand that incapsulates and is a continuation of the truly magical Incognito Cocktail bars. With their Rums curated from the finest Caribbean blends and their Vodkas and Gins painstaking distilled by expert artisans at their distillery in the heart of Hampshire, they have produced a stunning super premium range of spirits that will now allow you the opportunity to enjoy a little piece of Incognito at home.

The company offers a diverse range of spirits, each with a unique flavour profile and character. Their portfolio includes various types of spirits, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The company employs innovative techniques in their production process, combining traditional methods with modern technology to create exceptional spirits. This blend of old and new results in products that are both unique and timeless.

Incognito Spirit Company places a strong emphasis on the consumer experience. The company’s philosophy revolves around mystery and discovery, inviting consumers to explore the hidden depths of their spirits. This sense of adventure and intrigue is a core part of their brand identity, making their products not just beverages but experiences.

Incognito Spirit Company takes its customers on a journey and immerses them in their World of Pure Imagination.