Mediterranean Aperitivo Programme
Oct 23rd - 29th

Mediterranean Aperitivo Week will take place throughout the UK between 23rd – 29th October.

A consumer awareness campaign, this week is designed to highlight the glorious ritual of the aperitif, which began as a social phenomenon to end one’s work day and begin the evening. To this day, aperitif is still an integral part of Mediterranean culture.

Partner venues who participate in Mediterranean Aperitivo Week will receive complimentary stock and are asked to create a signature serve to promote throughout the week to visitors. To view the brands and typology click here.

Among the products included, Vermouth di Torino PGI is world-renowned for the tradition and history of its production; an aromatised wine created in the 18th century at the foot of the alps.

Pecorino Toscano PDO is considered one of the best Italian speciality foods; produced exclusively with whole sheep’s milk from the region of Tuscany.

Costa d’Amalfi lemons are defined by their intense aroma, a tapered shape, a juicy pulp and almost no seeds. Today, about 100,000 tonnes are harvested every year – with each and every one hand-picked.
Lastly, the Greek olives are grown in Western Greece. Recognised worldwide for their quality, given by specific climatic and territorial characteristics, their natural, balanced taste and good texture can be attributed to the simplicity of their production.

Participating venues benefit from the promotion of the activity through a strategic PR, marketing and Social Media campaign to both our audience and the wider industry via organic PR and our relationship with top tier bar and drinks press.

Our dedicated PR team will support the activation with a wider feature sell in to all UK trade and food and drink media to talk to them about MAP week along with content around your key serves and those created in the competition.

This is a huge opportunity for the UK’s most revered hospitality venues to showcase their venues and serves, conduct tastings, and create exposure to a variety of hospitality professionals, journalists, and new guests.

Our Venue Partners

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