The Galvin Cup 2011

From left to right: Daniel Carvalho, Dario Provenzano, Salvatore Damiano, Swanad Korgaonkar, Giuseppe Gallo, Alessandro Pizzoli, Matteo Corsalini and Harry Glockler.

Students Competition
1st place: Ramon Ramos, Westminster Kingsway College
2nd place: Nuappa Rattanakistunthorn, Westminster Kingsway College
3rd place: Laure De Fromant de Bouaille, Lycee Ferrandi Paris, France
4th place: Stacey Crawford, Croydon College
5th place: Bobby Thompson, Croydon College
6th place: Jia Yu To, Westminster Kingsway College

Professional Bartenders Competition
1st place: Alessandro Pizzoli, The Kensington Hotel
2nd place: Dario Provenzano, The Dorchester
3rd place: Daniel Carvalho, Good Godfrey’s The Waldorf Hotel
4th place: Swanad Korgaonkar, The Savoy
5th place and Efficiency Prize Winner: Harry Glockler, The Ritz
6th place: Salvatore Damiano, Captains Club Hotel

Matteo Corsalini from Corinthia Hotel got the highest score outside the six finalists.

On the 23rd of May at the glamorous Whisky Mist we held the 5th Galvin Cup, a superb concept thought up by Chris Galvin and his team from Galvin at Windows at the top of the Park Lane Hilton Hotel.
The sponsors this year were Bacardi Martini and some great cocktails were created with Master of Ceremonies Nigel Barden, a food and drink presenter from the BBC conveying every shake, pour, mix and stir.

This is a two part competition with the morning seeing the running of a competition for students and the afternoon for professional bartenders, the format is that all have to make a classic cocktail (this year the Martinez) with MARTINI Rosso and then follow this with a new creation using MARTINI Bianco or Rosato.
In both competitions the participants are subject to scrutiny from judges seated at the bar who are looking for accurate, clean and efficient work and the drinks are judged by a panel of judges who are seated in another room and have no idea who created the drinks and how they performed.

Ramon Ramos, from Westminster Kingsway College, won the student competition. The professional bartenders competition produced some really efficient work, I know as I was one of those judges and had the pleasure of judging the eventual efficiency prize winner, Harry Glockler from the Ritz Hotel and I can tell you that his performance was faultless, however all the three efficiency judges (Myself Brian Page, Stefano Cossio Dorchester Hotel and Jim Slavin UKBG National Administrator) agreed that the work this year was first class with nobody losing more than 5 points during the whole competition and when one takes into consideration the nerves that they all get then we can really count ourselves so lucky in this country to have such great bartenders, and yet we know it is not just luck, these bartenders have honed their presentation skills with good training and hard work, well done all of you.

The final afternoon result was decided by a ‘shake off’ of the first two place winners of each of the earlier heats only this time they were presented with a set of mystery ingredients and given 5 minutes to create another cocktail from them and MARTINI Gold by Dolce & Gabbana, not an easy task, in front of the The BACARDI Global Ambassador, David Cordoba. The blind judges (Legend Peter Dorelli – Head bartender at American bar at Savoy for over 30 years, Chris Galvin – Patron and Director of the famous Galvin at Windows, Giuseppe Gallo – MARTINI Global Ambassador and Ago Perrone – Best World Bartender and head of mixology at Connaught Hotel) found it really hard to decide the eventual overall winner but they decided that the most creative bartender with a great drink was by Alessandro Pizzoli from The Kensington Hotel.

Thanks must go to Giuseppe Gallo from Bacardi Martini for their support and of course none of this was possible without the fantastic support of Fred Sirieix General Manager and his team at Galvin at Windows, they really do all get behind this competition designed to attract more young people into our great industry, finally again such great work behind the scenes from UKBG Vice-President Luca Cordiglieri and his team.

I think that with performances like these we are in safe hands for the future, I am so pleased and proud that I was able to be part of it.
Brian Page Technical Judge

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