Absolutely Rocking

35ml Absolut Blue vodka
25ml mango purée by Finest Call
20ml fresh lime juice
15ml Monin vanilla syrup
25ml Caraibos cloudy apple juice

Glass: Alternato (fish-bowl / highball glass)
Method: Shake and strain
Extra: A mix of 1/2 caster sugar & 1/2 curry powder in a saucer for the rim of the glass
Garnish: Apple fan pick on a lime wedge with a red currant, placed on the rim.


For the Classic cocktail competition, representatives from 52 countries mixed, shook and stirred an eclectic collection of cocktails. Listed below are the place-getters.

1ST PLACE: SLOVAKIA (Vladimir Banak)

2nd Place: SLOVENIA (Miro Petrevcic)

3rd Place: CZECH REPUBLIC (Ms Sarka Janova)

Here is the recipe of winning cocktail:
Sweet Road

3cl Absolut raspberry

1.5cl Monin blackcurrant

1cl cherry syrup

1cl vanilla syrup

1.5cl cream

Garnish: Cacao powder

Method: Shake

Glass: Bravura

Best Technical Prize

Taiwan (Ms Wu Jou Wen)


Following is Gianluigi Bosco’s account of his preparation for the Flair win in at the 58th IBA Flair competition.

It all began in London in May. I won the qualifying round, which was very exciting because I had taken part in other Flair world championships but this one was different in many ways. For instance, the amount of liquid in the bottle was 30ml, which was more than in any other competition; the flavour and general appearance of the cocktail was very important as well, being 40% of the final score. And, the points for the difficulty of the routine were quite low while the points for smoothness and cleanness were really high — that’s why I have always liked this competition.

To be on that stage is like being behind a bar, with everything as clean as possible, with me entertaining and making a good drink at the same time. This doesn’t happen in most of the other competitions.

Mickael Perron helped me prepare my show and the cocktail because this was the fifth IBA world championship he’d attended and he had a good idea of what the judges were looking for in a competitor, so a big thank-you, Mickael. I practiced everyday in a real situation with the proper ingredients, repeating over and over my routine.When in Berlin, I practiced for one to two hours so that I would not become too tired.

For the qualifying round each competitor was required to prepare three identical drinks in five minutes while simultaneously doing a routine The top six performers went straight into the final. I picked up number 28 which meant I went on stage just after lunch. I felt my show was average but the drink scored high so I managed to qualify in third place, which was better than I expected. No celebration that night for me because the final was the next day.

Final day: After a light practise, I was ready at 5pm, waiting for the draw of the numbers that would establish the running order. I drew number four —good for me. The competition began at 6pm. The first two guys had average rounds and the third guy (from Peru) had quite a good round — but I knew I could beat him if I had a clean routine. That’s when I started to hope I might get a chance at stepping up to the winner’s podium.

Once I was on stage, I had a silly drop at the beginning, but once the music kicked in I got a very good feeling and the crowd (at least 1000 people) was absolutely brilliant. I finished my round with two drops and was quite happy with my performance. On stage after me was the guy from Uruguay who had qualified first the day before, and was definitely the one to beat that night. Unusually, he started his routine with three drops and, to me, he didn’t seem as confident as he was in the qualifying heat. He could have recovered but at the end of his routine he’d had five drops. The competitor from Spain was last to compete. He had a good round but did not receive a good reaction from the crowd.

It took 30 minutes for the results to be finalized. Jorge Pareja from Peru won the third place. In second place was Juan Pablo Santiago from Uraguay. When the MC started to list the ingredients of the winning cocktail I just couldn’t believe it! The crowd was clapping, looking at me, but until he finally called my name, I couldn’t believe I had won! The next 10 minutes were confusing with people pulling and shouting at me to get the necessary photographs. However, the best moment was when I entered the dining room for the gala dinner later that night. Everybody clapped me. I felt like a superstar! This moment was definitely an unforgettable experience….

Keep dreaming everybody because nothing is impossible!

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