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J Wray & Nephew Masterclass and Punch Competition at the Captains Club


Once again for the third consecutive edition it took place our traditional Wray & Nephew Master class and competition with Greg Allen. Special guest was Michael Sweetman the London UKBG chairman and Tom Novis the new brand ambassador for the Jamaican over proof rum.

The day was stunning, warm and pleasant, a good opportunity to sip Wray & Tin, just to have a refreshment before kick starting the master class, chatting and smiling in the great set up terrace of The Captains Club Hotel in Christchurch, home of several important spirit events for the last couple of weeks.

We all welcome Tom Novis being in the role just for couple of weeks and his friendly personality help to break the ice demonstrating very original drinks as such Duppie Love, Wray back and relax and the Dragon punch.

He also interacted with the public making everyone laugh.

The actual competition started at 2pm to take part was Dave Hall (Urban Reef), Tommo’Quy and Jo Prout (The Captains Club Hotel), Harry King and Franco Burnell (The Larder House), and Lucia Montanelli form Saint James Place London.

The winners order:

1st Franco Burnell (The Larder House) also last year winner

With his ”Wray-scue party”

35ml Wray & Nephew Rum

15ml Pink grapefruit

30ml Falernum

10ml Pimento Drum

60ml Ground powder green tea

Garnish with Cinnamon, Star Anise, Lime, and tea smoke.

2nd Harry King working at the Larder House, South Bourne

3rd Dave Hall working Urban Beach, Bournemouth.

Greg Allen and Tom Novis were happy to have seen such great standards of drinks and spend such good day in the sunny Christchurch by the river, having al fresco Jamaican dinner and been very positive to confirm for next year !!!

Many Thanks To Tim Lloyd and the Captains Club Hotel crew for the hospitality and professional attention.

Salvatore Damiano


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