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JAMESON IRISH WHISKEY Twisted Irish Coffee Cocktail Competition

On Tuesday the 24th of April competitors were tasked to recreate an Irish Coffee classic at the Dabbous Bar 39 Whitfield Street London W1T 2SF.

Well done to all competitors of the Jameson Cocktail Competition and congraturations to:
1-Lukas Stafin
2-Fabio Immovilli
3-Alessandro Pizzoli
Best Tecnique: Alessandro Pizzoli


is 2 Tickets to the Jameson Bar Tenders Ball, the winner
must invite a colleague from his work place or someone in the drinks
industry as they must be able to make cocktails whilst on the trip.


Jameson Distillery Reserve Bottle, this will have their name
on the back (ordered after event)


A bottle of Select reserve.

Full report coming soon.

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