“The first UKBG Competition sponsored by Karlsson Vodka where competitors had to make a twist of the Bloody Mary goes to Adam Lahham of Aqua Kyoto cocktail bar and restaurant .
Adam impressed the judges with a very well thought out presentation and well balanced Bloody Mary with unsual flavours, Alessandro Pizzoli from the Ritz Hotel wins second place and third goes to Pawel Rolka from le Coq D’Argent.”

Winner Adam Lahham (Aqua Kyoto Bar)
“Bloody Karlsson and Samurai’s Mary”
45ml Karlssons Vodka
10ml Worcester Sauce Japanese
1 Pinch fresh coriander
150ml Tomato Juice
1 spoon of Hari Kari
Garnished with Cherry Tomato

2nd Place Alessandro Pizzoli (The Ritz London Rivoli Bar)
“Vintage Bloody Mary”
50ml Karlssons Vodka
90ml Fresh Tomato Juice
10ml Pedro Ximenez Sherry
20ml Lemon Juice
5ml Balsamic Vinegar, Worcester Sauce
1 drop of Tabasco
1 spoon of Celery Salt, Black Pepper
topped up with Foam of Celery and Sweet Corn
Garnished with a Cheese Grissini

3rd Place Pawel Rolka (Coq D’Argent)
“Essence of Mary”
40ml Karlssons Vodka
17.5ml Bloody Mary Mix
170ml Tomato Consome
30ml Tomato Juice
Garnished with Celery stick, Serrano Ham, Dried Slice Green Tomato, Semi dried cherry Tomato, Micro Basil, Olive Oil, Onion

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