September 1. The Buddha Bar resounded with the action of 30 competitors as they mixed and shook their cocktails to decide which of them would represent the UKBG in 2010 at the Grand Marnier Trophy in Monaco. The winner was Knud Scheibelt from the Bowood Park Hotel and Spa in Chippenham. In 2nd place was Karol Ansaldi from Zuma, with Vincenzo Calenzo from Galvin at Windows in 3rd place. Enrico Gaddoni from Albannach won the Best Technical prize. Below are the winning recipes.

Grand and Slick (winner)


5cl Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge
11cl orange juice
1.5cl syrup d’ Orgeat
3 fresh kumquats
2cl cherry brandy

Garnish: Flower made of dried apricots, lime zest, physalis leaves and vanilla.

Grand Bloom (2nd)


50cl Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge
60cl apple juice
10cl blossom honey
5cl pastis

1 passion fruit

Garnish: passionfruit shell, orange zest flower

Grand Reposado (3rd)


4cl Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge
3cl tequila reposado
5cl orange juice
dash Angostura bitters
Soda water

Garnish: orange twist, Grand Marnier® Cordon Rouge- infused cherry, red ribbon


Twenty three bartenders battled it out on the first day of the Boutique Bar Showin a bid to win a trip to the Nicaraguan distillery of the brand Flor de Cana rum. Competitors had to make a cocktail with a Flor De Cana rum of their choice. The top six were then given a mystery box and asked to make a cocktail on the spot.

The winner was Tiziano Tasso from The Club at the Ivy, with Salvatore D’Amico from the Hospital Club taking 2nd place. Yoann Lazareth from the AK Bar claimed 3rd place.

Andreas Tsanos, a freelance bartender, was 4th, Enrico Gaddoni from Albannach was 5th with Joshua Ivanovic from Chloe in 6th place.

The winner of the Best Technical was Vincenzo Calenzo from Galvin at Windows.

Puro Flor (winner)

3cl Flor de Cana 7-year-old

1.5cl Nicaraguan Tobacco Leaf Syrup

5ml Campari

5ml Bowmore 18-year-old


Shake and double strain.

Serve the drink in a long-stemmed Martini glass placed on a silver tray with a Nicaraguan cigar N.U.B. on the side.

La Illusion No 7 (2nd)

5cl Flor de Cana 7
2cl crème de figue
7.5ml lemon juice
5ml vanilla, cinnamon, almond homemade syrup
2 drops Angostura bitters
1 shot of Nicaraguan coffee

Garnish: Lemon zest

Shake the ingredients 1 to 5 with ice. Rinse the glass with the coffee. Serve in a dessert wine glass.

Slow-aged Millionaire (3rd)

5cl Flor de Cana 18 year-old
2cl Brazilian crème de banane
1.5cl Orgeat syrop infused with chilli
4 cardammon pods

Garnish: 1 cigar

Mix ingredients in a mixing glass. Serve in a cocktail glass.

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