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Reviving Legendary Brands

Join the Bitter Liqueurs Masterclass with Khoosh and Dr Hostetter's and the UK Bartender's Guild.

Join Rob and Ben, co-owners of Phoenyx Spirits, as they take you on a journey >>>Back to the Future >>> in a masterclass on bitter liqueurs. Discover how they have revived and reformulated the legendary heritage brands of Khoosh and Dr Hostetter’s to create innovative and category-redefining alternatives to traditional bitter liqueurs. Don’t miss out on the chance to taste the magic and meet the masterminds behind these award-winning creations. 


UK bartenders can sign up for A BITTER LIQUEUR REVIVAL: TWO BAR ICONS REBORN hosted by The United Bartenders’ Guild at midday on 22nd May, to learn; 


  • How Rob and Ben reimagined the 19th-century heritage of Khoosh and Dr Hostetter into brands with contemporary relevance and appeal.
  • How they reformulated and redeveloped these liquids to disrupt specific categories.
  • How non-European provenance offers opportunities for bartender creativity and storytelling.
  • How a premium bitter liqueur can be a simple, powerful tool for upselling classic serves.
  • Taste the liqueurs and learn about our signature serves; an exotic Khoosh rum Negroni and The Dr Hostetter’s – the best riff on a Manhattan you’ll ever taste.


Who are Phoenyx Spirits?


Phoenyx Spirits is a brand-led spirits company that revives heritage brands. The company, owned by passionate cocktail enthusiasts Benedict Gordon and Robert Black, boasts a portfolio of heritage trademarks which it plans to restore and relaunch over the coming years.


The first brands to market are Khoosh and Dr Hostetter’s, two premium bitter liqueurs dating back to the 19th century. Both spirits are crafted with natural ingredients at a Surrey-based distillery in England and continue the legacy of the original recipes. 


Phoenyx Spirits have skilfully revived Dr Hostetter’s Bitters and Khoosh to offer bartenders and cocktail drinkers a fresh take on vintage aperitif brands which will disrupt and adapt modern cocktail culture.


Diffords Guide gave Khoosh bitters a 4-star review and Dr Hostetter’s a 4.5 out of five. Olivar Ward, a writer for The Spirit’s Beacon, suggests Dr Hostetter’s it’s a perfect fit for Boulevardiers and Manhattans, and Khoosh works better served in a spritz or, as a kir, with champagne.

What is Dr. Hostetter’s Bitters? 

Dr Hostetter’s is the original American bitter liqueur, based on a recipe that’s been going since 1853. 

The original Dr J. Hostetter’s “Celebrated” Stomachic Bitters was formulated in the first half of the 19th century by native Pennsylvanian Dr Jacob Hostetter and became the most successful American bitter liqueur of the era.

Now, Dr Hostetter’s has risen once more from the ashes to set a new standard for red bitter liqueurs. Combining original ingredients like North American aromatics & botanicals, red fruits, rose, and the carmine extract of the cochineal cactus beetle, Dr Hostetter’s has been reformulated to complement bourbon and rye whiskeys perfectly and to cover all your red aperitif cocktail needs. 

Tasting notes for @drhostetters

Bittersweet and herbaceous, with zesty orange, candied red fruit and rose, and lingering peppery spice.

What is Khoosh Bitters?

Khoosh is an exotic orange bitter liqueur, first established in 1881.

Established in the United Kingdom, Khoosh was a fine bitter liqueur known to cocktail aficionados at the turn of the 20th century.

Khoosh has returned to create a category of one. With a proprietary formula that includes the original bitter quassia amara, complex citrus, tea and warming root spices, Khoosh is the exotic orange bitter liqueur to elevate and enervate your back bar. 

Created to pair with champagne, Khoosh is a versatile cocktail ingredient that puts the spirit of the exotic into every pour.

Tasting notes for @khooshbitter

Zesty and herbaceous with exotic botanicals, the aroma of rich marmalade and a long, warming, bittersweet finish.


Masterclass Event Details

This UKBG event will be hosted by Dean Callan of The Bartender’s Broadcast Network, with speakers Rob and Ben on Zoom at midday on Monday, 22nd May 2023. 

Our speakers will take you through the original brand archives, including images, adverts and original tasting notes as well as talk about their process of revitalising the recipes and how you can use them to twist classics or innovate new cocktails. 

The first 100 UKBG members to register before 12th May will have a chance to sample the award-winning Khoosh and Dr Hostetter’s, plus two premium cocktails; an exotic Khoosh rum Negroni and a twist on the Manhattan called The Dr Hostetter’s.

Sign up on Eventbrite to show your interest using this link;

***This event is for UKBG Members only. ***


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