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Mental Health, 15 minutes with Tim Etherington-Judge

To support our bartender’s community and  the great initiative from Healthy Hospo, the UKBG have planned 15 minutes online chats with Tim Etherington-Judge


Here are the first four appointments with Tim:
  • 10th Feb – Let’s Talk About SECS ( Sleep, Eat, Connect, Sweat).

Event registration link

  • 24th Feb – A Good Days Sleep

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  • 10th Mar – You Are What You Eat

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  • 24th Mar – Get Rich Quick

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What’s Healthy hospo?


Healthy Hospo, is a project born out of a mental health breakdown, the first not-for-profit company working to build a healthier, happier hospitality industry on a global scale.  provides education, support, events, and business development for individuals, outlets, and brands working in, or with, the hospitality industry based around a platform focusing on sleep, nutrition, mental health, exercise, and social connection.

Last November, Healthy Hospo launched the first digital training platform dedicated to health and wellness, which includes lessons covering topics as diverse as sleep, nutrition, mental health, exercise, social connection, financial health, and business management. New lessons will be added regularly so there will always be fresh material. Find out here more information


Tim Etherington-Judge, founder of Healthy Hospo says ‘Ever since I launched Healthy Hospo back in 2017, I’ve always sought a way to get our pioneering training into the hands of as many hospitality workers and businesses around the world as possible. The launch of our digital training platform, that puts all of our training in people’s hands, no matter where there are in the world, is the next stage in that dream of a healthier, happier hospitality industry.’

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