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National Hospitality Day – 18 September

The Drinks Trust, the UK’s leading benevolence organisation for the Hospitality Sector and its workers – and also an organisation we’re very proud to be partners with – has announced a new national day and project to help revitalise the sector. The plan is simple – we come together as a nation in our communities to celebrate the venues and places that we love, on September 18, to celebrate National Hospitality Day.

National Hospitality Day on 18 September, will be a nationwide celebration of our brilliant and resilient pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants and foodservice outlets, and the suppliers that support them. It will be a showcase of all that’s great about UK hospitality; a collective shout-out for the places we’ve all missed; and a financial shot in the arm for a sector that’s been hit hardest by Covid – a chance for the country to say “welcome back, we’ve missed you” by supporting its favourite places.



The Drinks Trust is inviting operators inviting operators and suppliers to do what you do best: delight your guests by laying on exciting activities, offers and events. It’s of course up to you how you do it – special menus, guest chefs, some great entertainment. We’ve definitely got a few of our own ideas on how to support this – as the timing is fairly close to when we’re going to be launch thing UKBG National Cocktail Competition (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Drinks Trust and our community want to make our common aim to showcase the qualities we best create: being creative, entertaining, nourishing, and engaging – making our spaces the hub of our communities once again. All participating businesses are also requested to build a fundraising element into their activities, supporting UK hospitality’s four main charities:

These amazing organisations are helping our colleagues and comrades hardest hit by the pandemic with financial assistance, mental health support and career development – and this is something that we should collectively be supporting.

It is widely recognised that the impact of lock-down on the pub, bar and hospitality workforce as a whole, has been profound, with many having lost their jobs due to the closure of businesses. Even though the reopening of industry venues gives us optimistic signals of recovery, the further delay to a complete reopening puts a significantly more of them at risk of permanent closure. We are encouraging pubs, bars and any hospitality venues to support and participate in National Hospitality Day, and celebrate this wonderful industry at the heart of British culture.” – Ross Carter, Chief Executive of The Drinks Trust

We’re thrilled to support National Hospitality Day and celebrate all that is great about our sector. We have been through an unprecedented crisis and been uniquely hit by the pandemic, but throughout hospitality has shown its strength, resilience and adaptability. Our businesses play such a vital role in communities across every corner of the UK and are integral to our cultural fabric so it’s only right we acknowledge this fact and celebrate everyone involved in our wonderful sector.” – Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive of UKHospitality


On one amazing day, we’re going to spark the mother of all parties – and all to help the businesses that have been thrown to their knees by Covid-19, and the people who work in them.” – Mark Lewis, Chief Executive of Hospitality Action

Want to get involved or find out more? Head over to and register your interest.

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