The Remy Martin 2011 Presentation and Cocktail Competition

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Remy Martin Presentation and Cocktail Competition

On Tuesday 31st of May, 10 skillful cocktail makers came to compete at Harry’s Bar, Marriott Hotel in Bournemouth for a chance to win a trip to Cognac to see the magic of Remy Martin.

As the competitors, some coming from far and wide, arrived our wonderful host Peter Gyor treated us all to warm cookies. Then the U.K. Rémy Ambassador, Alex Quintin, lead us through a delicious, spellbinding tasting of the Rémy Cognac range.

Now it was time for the main event, the cocktail competition and after an afternoon of shaking, stirring, mixing the results were in. Robbie Strucwick from the Captains Club in Christchurch mixed a cocktail called The Clarke Classic, named after a friend of his, came 3rd, which is very impressive for his first competition. Carlo Mereu from the Bath Spa Hotel muddled up some fresh mint to create refreshing concoction called Remymt. Our winner Swaand Korgonkar from The Savoy Hotel shook his very expensive saffron cocktail Foile.

While we were adding up the scores from the cocktail competition we held a perfect serve competition with the Remy XO, where the Bartender choose their way of serving the XO with the Perfect compliment. The standards were so high we had two winners for the perfect serve, Swaand Korgonkar from Savoy Hotel who delivered a very classy service with dry ice steam, cigar chocolates, and caviar. Our other winner was Larry Haxby (the pirate) from 1812 Bournemouth, had a really genuinely passionate attitude and match XO with figs and chocolate truffles. Carlo Mereu from Bath spa came 2nd by combining XO with orange chocolate. Matt Tyre from Captains Club Christchurch was 3rd matching with lovely homemade hazelnut ice cream.

Cocktail Competition
The Winner Swaand Korgonkar from The Savoy Hotel with his cocktail called ‘Foile’
50ml Remy Martin V.S.O.P., 25 Quincy Pear Liquor, 15ml Lemon Juice, 20ml of Honey, dash of Homemade Citrus Bitters and Saffron all shaken to all together with ice

2nd Place Winner was Carlo Mereu from the Bath Spa Hotel with his cocktail called ‘Remymt’
50ml of Remy Martin V.S.O.P., 25 ml of Grand Mariner, 10cl of sugar syrup, mint leaves with dash of lime/lemon juice all shaken together with ice.

3rd Place Winner was Robbie Strucwick from the Captains Club in Christchurch with his cocktail called ‘The Clarke Classic.’
50ml of Remy Martin V.S.O.P., 25ml of Chambord, 15ml of Mozart Dark, 15ML of Raspberry syrup and ½ shot of espresso all shaken to together with ice, then finished off with Chocolate foam.

Perfect Serve
Joint Winners Larry Haxby from 1812 Bar at the Royal Exeter Hotel in Bournemouth.
Served with figs and Remy Martin chocolate truffles.
And Swanand Korgonkar from the Savoy Hotel.
Served with an array of chocolates, caviar and a cigar

2nd Place Winner Carlo Mereu from Bath Spa
Served with a chocolate tart and nut and orange chocolate.

3rd Place Winner Matthew Tyre from Captains Club Christchurch.
Served with homemade hazelnut ice cream.

I would like to give a big thank you to Peter Gyor and all the staff and management at Bournemouth Marriott, Karen Burgess from First Drinks, The U.K Rémy Ambassador, Alex Quintin and our sponsors Remy Martin.

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