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Suntory Whisky

The 1st of May 2013 at the Trader Vic’s Bar , The Ukbg London Area Held a Suntory Master class hosted by Zoran Peric.

On top of a massive ice block was a selection of Suntory whisky waiting for us the Yamazaki 12, Hakushu 12 and Hibiki 12.

Just before explore this outstanding whisky. Mr. Peric took us on a very long journey of the history of Mr. Taketsuru and his whisky revolution. It was amazing to listen to this fantastic story from the 1899 to today

So many bartenders attended from many top Hotels fron in and around London, It was incredible, the atmosphere created and the attention attracted by Zoran.

He explained all the process of the ice carving and the importance of the impact of the ice with Suntuory whisky.

He prepared the classic Japanese Highball and other popular drinks in Japan.

Time to give it a try!

After his briefing surprisingly was our turn to give it a try!

Just Fantastic! Our hands were cold yes, however impossible to feel it when you are so excited for such an unexpected opportunity!


Thanks to Zoran shadowing us with so much patience and passion here is the outcome! A fantastic Ice ball! Just incredible! I never thought that my hands could be able to create such an amazing icing carving!

(In the picture is Zoran’s ice ball… ours perhaps needs a bit more of practice!)

Thanks to the UKBG, Mr. Peric and the Trader Vic’s Bar, we had a fantastic and unique opportunity.

A day of a great and well deserved success!

Claudia Carrozzi

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