The Drinks Trust Launches ‘Another Round’ Grant Support Scheme For Bar Workers


We’re delighted to announce our partners, The Drinks Trust, have launched a grant campaign for hospitality staff who are still facing financial hardship during the Pandemic. Applications will be open from today, 26th April until 21st May. Trust’s ‘Another Round Fund‘ of £125,000 will be distributed in emergency grants of £400 per person. If you have worked in a pub for at least 6 months prior to the Pandemic, are still unemployed or yet to secure new employment, are on furlough – you may be able to receive help.

Ross Carter, The Drinks Trust Chief Executive, says:

This, most recent lockdown, has had a significant impact on the financial circumstances of thousands of people,with many having now lost their jobs due to the closure of hospitality and drinks businesses. As a result, we are now receiving significantly increased demand from people who are unable to pay rent and council tax or afford to feed their families,many of them now depend on food banks to do so. The Drinks Trust has been working hard to ensure that vital support is given to the most vulnerable people of our industry and that they'd be able to access the services needed. The purpose of’ ‘Another Round’ is to reach those who are unable to celebrate the reopening of in the way others can, to support them financially where we can and to spread awareness that whilst this is a positive time for our industries, we cannot let our most impacted colleagues be forgotten.

Many of our colleagues face challenges beyond financial hardship. All applicants will be encouraged to consider The Drinks Trust’s wellbeing services (counselling, mindful drinking and
sleep and insomnia treatment) irrespective of being awarded a grant.

For more information, eligibility criteria and to apply, head to the to the Drink’s Trust Emergency Grant programme here

Business are welcome to donate and support The Drinks Trust’s Another Round by emailing:

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