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The Drinks Trust supports our drinks hospitality industry people in mind and body

We all are aware that the challenges of the past few years have taken their toll on the physical and mental health of many colleagues in our drinks and hospitality industry community.


According to the 2021 Drinks Trust’s industry survey, 55% of respondents said they were feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety. In addition, 64% of respondents have experienced stress in the previous 12 months, 47% have been affected by anxiety and 25% by depression; overall, only 32% were satisfied with their mental well-being.


For this reason, The Drinks Trust has launched and established many services and resources to support our well-being through its Restore services– all completely free to use and accessible to anyone who works in the UK drinks and hospitality industry, no matter the length of service.


What Restore services offer:


  • Need to talk? Our 24/7 confidential Support Line provides in-the-moment guidance from qualified counsellors, who can also discuss what other Drinks Trust services may benefit you. Each call is answered by a qualified counsellor who can give in-the-moment guidance on a wide range of personal and work-related topics. Just ring the number, and a professional will be there to listen and offer advice.


  • In need of legal, financial, or other practical advice? There are several professional advice sessions available through our Support Line. These include but are not limited to legal advice, financial and debt support, mediation, career guidance, life coaching, and a bespoke line for managers. Each caller is entitled to one free 30-minute phone consultation with a relevant expert service provider per separate issue. At the end of the session, each caller will be offered to extend the continuation of services after the first free 30-minute consultation at their own expense. All of our experts will help and advise our industry colleagues as much as possible during the free consultation. Still, they will refer them to valuable external resources if assessed as beneficial, especially if the caller will not wish to continue privately.


  • Do you manage a team and need support? A handy feature of our 24/7 support line is helping managers deal with employees when there is an emotional component to an issue causing concern. We have found that some managers find it particularly difficult to manage situations involving counselling an employee, which can also blur the boundaries of the manager-employee relationship. Our counsellors can help coach a manager in the best way to deal with others. Our counsellors can provide professional guidance on what to say and what not to say. They can help a manager appreciate the different perspectives of their employees and give practical guidance and advice on how to deal with the situation. Often managers find that speaking to an external person in a confidential setting is an excellent source of pressure release.


  • For those looking to change their relationship with alcohol, we work with Club Soda to bring mindful drinking courses to our industry colleagues. As drinks hospitality industry professionals, our community are exposed to alcohol in a way that others are not. There is little evidence that this leads to more significant dependency, but as an industry, we are equally likely as individuals to rely on alcohol as any other. So the Drinks Trust has partnered with Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement. Club Soda work closely with drinks brands and the hospitality sector, and they have helped thousands of people to change their relationship with alcohol.


  • We’ve teamed up with an online therapy service Dr Julian, to offer free one-to-one sessions with highly experienced therapists and psychologists through video chat, telephone, and text message. A vast amount of research shows how beneficial counselling can be for dealing with the ups and downs of life. The service provides a secure and caring environment where they listen and treat you as the unique individual you are, allowing you to focus entirely on your health. In addition, members of the drinks and hospitality industry can access Dr Julian services at no cost to themselves.


Who we help 

All of our well-being services are free and can be accessed by anyone in the drinks hospitality trade at any time of the day or night, no matter your financial situation or the length of service in the industry. 


To find out more about The Drinks Trust’s well-being services, please visit


To access our Restore services, please:

Call 0800 9154610


Whatsapp “Hi” to 00 353 87 369 0010


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