The Top Places in the UK to Enjoy a G&T this International Gin and Tonic Day – as Voted by Bartenders

international gin and tonic day

From gin parlours to classic cocktail bars, bartenders reveal the top spots to enjoy a G&T this International Gin and Tonic Day

international gin and tonic day


Officially celebrated on October 19th, International Gin and Tonic Day, much-loved long mixed drink is thought to have originated in the early 1800s when British officers in India, looking for a treatment for malaria, added sugar, water, lime and gin to the tonic water to make it sweeter – and with that, the G&T was born.

Drinks data shows that 38% of people in the UK adult population have enjoyed a gin and tonic within the last three months –  and it’s a firm favourite in bars and restaurants up and down the UK, with many venues seeing huge resurgence in the popularity of gin, since the gin renaissance a few years ago. 

Experts at the UK Bartenders Guild (UKBG) spoke to bartenders from around the country, to find out where they love to sip on this classic serve… from secret speakeasies to classic cocktail bars, here are the top locations to enjoy a gin and tonic, as voted by UK bartenders. 

Rachel Bailey-Palumbo, Director of Hey Palu, a modern Italian bar inspired by Fellini’s La Dolce Vita. All of Hey Palu’s drinks are influenced by the beautiful Italian aperitivo style of drinking. 

She recommends Hey Palu, in the heart of Edinburgh, and said: “Of course, we recommend the Hey Palu G&T; it’s more on the savoury side with a double measure of Scottish gin, celery extract, lime oil, and a light tonic finished with mint aerosol. Delicious!”

For those in the capital, Rachel recommends Everafter, a neighbourhood style wine bar in Hoxton Square, London. She said: “It’s such a great spot, and a perfect way to get away from the busy world of Old Street.”

She also recommended Bar Termini for its gin and tonics, and espressos. Bar Termini, on Hoxton Square, is a cocktail bar with banquettes and bare brick, for coffees, charcuterie and negronis.

Georgi Radev, ​​world recognised rum and tiki ambassador and co-owner of Laki Kane, London’s Tropical Escape, recommends Dukes Bar for its great traditional gin cocktails, whilst also recommending Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour for their modern and inventive style. 

Dukes Bar, in Dukes Hotel, Mayfair was once voted as having one of the world’s best martinis, by New York Times, whilst Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour, in London’s Covent Garden, houses an impressive plethora of gins, tonics and botanicals, and boasts a collection of over 150 uniquely selected gins. 

Pietro Rizzo, globally recognised bartender, consultant and drink designer from Piemonte, recommended The City of London Distillery, home of Whitley Neill Gin. The multi-award-winning City of London Distillery is the first, and still the only, gin distillery in The City of London and The Gin Palace, an elegant cocktail bar located at the Strand Palace Hotel in London. 

Harprith Mann, mixology consultant, cocktail innovator, and presenter, recommended The Bird Hotel in Bath. He said: “A quirky hotel, restaurant and bar with bird inspired cocktails and good selection of gins including local brands such as 6 O’Clock Gin, Bristol Dry Gin, and selection from Cotswolds & Chase, plus their own Kaleidoscope GIn including home-grown Hibiscus.”

He also voted for Chez Burton in Baldock, Hertfordshire stating: “An upcoming fun and fine dining family run business which carries a great selection of gins from well-known to well regarded including Bareksten Botanical Gin, Renegade Gin, and Porters Tropical Tom – all perfectly paired with tonics & mixers that bring out the best of each gins flavours.”

Finally Harprith suggested The Pumproom in Chatham which is a restaurant & bar located within the Copper Rivet Distillery serving a range of their own distilled signature gins as well as vodka, whisky and liqueurs plus many other gin brands.  

The UK Bartenders Guild (UKBG) is one of the leading professional associations for the bar and hospitality sector.  It is one of the UK’s longest running trade guilds and renowned for its integrity and distinction, is rebranding, with the intention of becoming the leader in future thinking within the hospitality sector. 

Focusing on the three main principles: community, education and value, the UKBG works with industry leaders and members alike, in order to form the UK’s most revered platform for bartenders and brands.  

The guild was founded in 1934 by industry professionals from some of London’s finest venues, the Guild set out to be a trade association of mutual benefit, to provide training, assistance with employment, as well as set industry standards and chair cocktail competitions. It went on to become a founding member of the International Bartenders Association, which continues to represent bartenders all over the world. 


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