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The UK Bartenders Guild Announces Partnership Event for Cocktails in the City | July 22-23

Building on the UKBG’s successful partnership earlier this year with our KOKUSHU! 國酒 season of event, the Guild will once again be joining forces with Authentic Ryukyu Awamori RYUKYU1429, alongside the award-winning Amaro MZero to present a truly unique guest experience, melding the tradition of Japanese hospitality and beverages with the flavours of the Italian Mediterranean, as part of this year’s Cocktails in the City series, in Bedford Square Gardens, London on July 23-24.


Cocktails in the City is an annual fundraising series of festival events, for the UK’s leading benevolence organisation for the hospitality industry, The Drinks Trust. Bar operators and stalls donate a portion of their takings to The Drinks Trust which provides support and assistance to fellow bar workers experiencing hardship. It is an opportunity for bar professionals to build new, engaging and immersive experiences for an entirely new audience while benefiting our industry’s workers. As well as fabulous drinks, there will also be talks and presentations on categories and beverage culture on the Drinks Trust stage. 

This year’s theme is the ‘World of Cocktails’ in which each zone of the festival is dedicated to a different country. The UKBG is bringing to life, the Japanese Village blending the traditions and flavours of Okinawa and Calabria, Italy through two very distinct brands, Authentic Ryukyu Awamori, RYUKYU1429 and Amaro MZero.



Unique to the island chain of Okinawa, Awamori is among the world’s oldest distilled spirits, with Authentic Ryukyu Awamori RYUKYU1429, being produced by some of the oldest surviving distilleries in the region. A rice-based spirit, Awamori is painstakingly produced through methods that are deeply influenced by traditional Okinawa craftsmanship creating a spirit with an exceptionally unique flavour.

Added to the mix is Amaro MZero, a multi award-winning bitter from the shores of Calabria, Southern Italy – owned-and-operated by our village’s Head of Bar, Giulio Amodio. Our Japanese Village  will showcase the best of Japanese beverage culture, melding the Tropic spirit of Okinawa with the trade winds of the Calabrian coast.

Tickets for Cocktails in the City are £20, and  give you full access to a festival session along with a complimentary cocktail – with a host of globe-spanning drinks brands. More information and tickets about the event are available here

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Authentic Ryukyu Awamori RYUKYU1429

Ryukyu Awamori is said to have originated in the late 14th century and developed within the Ryukyu Kingdom era in the 15th century. Awamori is a once-distilled rice liquor, made from three ingredients – water, rice and black Koji. Black koji mold (Aspergillus awamori) indigenous to Okinawa is an essential part of the process of Awamori, it starts to break down the starches in the rice to create citric acid and sugars for fermentation, eliminating the need for a second distillation. RYUKYU 1429 Authentic Ryukyu Awamori in three distinct versions.  Kaze, Mizu and Tsuchi.


Amaro MZero 


MZero is a one-of-a-kind spirit – quite literally. Made with Cedro, a citrus fruit native to Calabria and filtered sea water from the Southern Italian Coast it truly encapsulates the flavour of the Mediterranean.  MZero is produced through sustainable zero waste practices meaning every single bottle is unique, with recycled leather packaging, zero plastics and net-zero emissions during production. 

Giulio Amodio, Head of Village Bar

Giulio is best known as the Bar Manager of the iconic China Tang at the Dorchester Hotel. He is also RYUKYU1429’s Global Brand Ambassador, as well as being the owner and operator of Amaro MZero. Giulio will also be making a presentation on the Saturday evening, on Japanese spirit categories and beverage culture. 


Get Your Trade Ticket For Cocktails in the City Now!

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