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UKBG Bartender’s Hub 25th January 2020

At this second session on the 25th January at 11.30 am we’ll discuss all things Amaro, with Matteo Zed, Amaro connoisseur, and Bar Manager at the Court in Rome, and Tim Etherington-Judge Healthy Hospo Founder.

Tim will share with us all the secrets and tools available for a healthier, happier hospitality industry and how you can join the Healthy Hospo journey.

There will be plenty of opportunities to network with the bartending community and speakers. You are welcome to share your own knowledge, your stories, your Amaro based drinks or infusions!

Let us discover your recipes! Get involved, discover upcoming activities, share your ideas and initiatives, network with like-minded people from the industry!


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Follow this link to see the previous session topics and cocktail recipes


Matteo Zed presentation




Amaro’s based cocktail recipes shared by the audience:


Gabriele Staltari


25ml Unaged Jamaican Rum
20ml Marsala Coffee*
15ml Coffee Liqueur
10ml Fernet


Stir and strain either up or over a large ice cube.

*To make Marsala coffee just fill your moka coffee machine with
Marsala rather than water and proceed to make a regular coffee.


Hadrien Haumont


The Hedonist


25ml Oloroso Sherry (Lusteau Emperatriz Eugenia)
15ml Peach Liqueur (Giffard)
20ml Amaro (Montenegro)


Stirred, served neat in a chilled coupe(tte)

Mr Goodkat

3 dashes Bokers Bitters (Dr Adam Elmegirab)
25ml Camapri
50ml Apricot liqueur (Giffard)
Top with 150ml Stout beer


Build in a Highball glass with ice.


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