Report by Mickael Perron

GIANLUIGI BOSCO took out the first place in the Flairtending conpetition, winning a ticket to the IBA world final (to be held in Berlin in August) and 500 pounds. Clinton Weir was in second place, with Brendan Rodrigues in third place.

Other competitors in the final were Anthony Trueman, Pete Jones, Matt Flint, Dominic Gates, Eddy Weights, Darren Sum and Chris Withey.

This year’s competition was judged not only on the flairtending skills but also on the quality and consistency of the drinks each competitor produced. The venue was The Roadhouse in Covent Garden which proved a fantastic location for those in the UK Temple of Flair.

Nicholas Saint Jean from Flairmotion, Florian Beuren from Fairflow and Andy Collinson (WAFA) were the Flair judges. Salvatore Calabrese and Peter Dorelli were judging flavor and consistency. The Roadhouse was full and Andy Trueman started the Flair section with a performance that scored second best overall. Unfortunately, with the pressure of appearing on stage, he couldn’t finish his cocktail and was penalised.

Clinton Weir’s working with his rocks glass was amazing to watch and Brendan Rodrigues incorporation of magic tricks in his flair routine was original. Finally, however, it was the skills and smooth showmanship and near perfect execution of Gianluigi that won the judges over to awarding him first prize.

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