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UKBG Jagermeister Open Competition

Jagermeister Cocktail Competition 2015


2 Please send you recipes to” ”

by the 20th May 2015

3- A limited amount of spaces are available, in thecase of too many entries the UKBG Committee will select the best recipes by the following criteria in order of importance:

a. Compliance with the rules

b. Only 1 entry per bar

c. UKBG membership

d. Originality

4- Competitors have to make a summer theme cocktail, The cocktail must contain 25ml min Jagermeister

5- three portions of each drink to be made

6- Ingredients can be measured using a measuring cup/jigger or free poured.

7- Jagermeister will be provided,

8- all other ingredients to be supplied by compettitor

9- Competitors are expected to use their own bar utensils, and glasses to prepare the cocktails.

10- Garnishes will consist only of edible fruit or vegetable.

11- Garnish decorations will not be arranged so as to display identifiable signs.

12- Each competitor shall be limited to six (6) minutes in mixing of the 3 portions of their drink, including assembly of the garnishes.

13- Competitors will be allowed 15 minutes to prepare their garnishes before going on stage. Only edible garnishes prepared during the final by the competitors will be accepted.

14- There will be a final shake off. Six (6) bartenders with the higher scores will attend to the final shake off.

15-On the final shake off, competitors will have to make a new cocktail with a Winter theme to the drink



1- Each competitor must submit a recipe containing a minimum of 25ml of Jagemeister.

2- The recipe shall be an original creation and must not contain more than 6 (six) ingredients including syrups, coffee, dashes and drops.

3- More than one base alcohol is accepted.

4-The content (volume) of alcohol in the drink recipe will not exceed seven (7)cl.

5- One (1) Homemade ingredient is allowed for this recipe. Infusions will count as homemade ingredient.

6- Any substitutions and questionable ingredients in a competitor’s recipe must have the approval of the UKBG Committee before mixing.

Final Shake Off

1-The Final winner be decided with a final shake off

2- The six top bartenders will have to make an original winter theme cocktail

3- The cocktail needs to be on original recipe created by the bartender according with the cocktail rules above.

4- Three (3) portions has to be prepared at the final shake off.

5- No technical jury will be present at the final shake off.

6- The top score from the tasting judges will decide the final winner.

Please RSVP Michael Sweetman

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