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UKBG National Cocktail Competition 2021 – Sponsored by Akashi Sake Brewery & Kaikyo Distillery

After a year’s hiatus, the UK Bartenders Guild’s National Cocktail Competition returns. Times are a little different to when we were last organising – and so, the format of this year’s competition is a little different – with a focus on building knowledge and sharing expertise, to inspire a sector that’s taken some hard knocks. 

Since its inception in 1937, the UKBG’s National Cocktail Competition has given a platform to the best and brightest in our community – the innovators, the risk-takers, the adventurous and creative – who have gone on to represent the UK at the IBA World Championships. We’re looking for the best cocktail creators, the most engaging bartenders to show us – and the world – what you’ve got.

This year, the UKBG NCC will be sponsored by Akashi Sake Brewery & Kaikyo Distillery, and their three main brands = Akashi-Tai Sake, Hatozaki Whiskey and 135 East Gin. This year’s competition will involve a series of masterclasses, focussing on each category spirit featuring industry experts. We will then turn things over to our competitors to impress our competition committee and judging panels with what they’ve learned, by creating an original cocktail recipe at each stage – featuring each spirit. UKBG NCC 2021 will begin in September, with the finals to be held in January 2022.

We launched #NCC2021 at Bartenders Hub on Monday, to a small crowd – you can catch up with it here

The first event will be focussing on the Akashi-Tai Sake family – its production, service and exploring flavour profiles with master distillers – connecting live from Japan. After the seminar we will officially open registration for the first round of the UK National Competition. Rules and the competition can be found here

Established in 1913 by the Yonezawa family, the Akashi Sake Brewery has been operated by a distinguished lineage of brewers and distillers. As one of the longest-standing breweries of the region, the Akashi Sake Brewery stands proudly on the shore of Akashi City in Hyogo prefecture, one of Japan’s most renowned sake producing regions. The Akashi Sake Brewery has been producing distilled spirits since 1917. A 100 years later, to honour his family heritage and to celebrate the centennial of the family distilling business, Master Distiller and Blender Kimio Yonezawa created the Kaikyō Distillery to launch his own gin and whiskies.

How to enter the UKBG NCC 2021

Step 1: Apply for membership – it’s free

Step 2: Register for the UK Bartenders Guild NCC 2021: Akashi-Tai Sake Seminar – 27 September NB: Use your membership number to register as a competitor and get a special Akashi-Tai Sake Companion Taster kit. Please enter your membership number in the ‘promo code’ when reserving your tickets. You will see the option to reserve an ‘NCC 2021’ ticket.

Step 3: View and download official rules for the UKBG NCC2021

Step 4: Online submissions for the first round of the NCC 2021 will open after the seminar has concluded – rules and briefs will be made available on the NCC2021 hub page. We will be taking online submissions for the first round until 18 October 2021.

Bookmark the #NCC2021 hub page, check back regularly for updates on competition standings and rules.


Good luck – get mixing. 


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