UKBG National Cocktail Competition 2021

The official hub page for the UKBG NCC. Full info, latest news and information on entry, rules and eligibility. The hub will be updated regularly as the competition progresses, so check back often!

UKBG NCC2021 Semi-Finals Happening Now!

The UK Bartenders Guild is proud to announce the return of the National Cocktail Competition, in partnership with the Akashi Sake Brewery and Kaikyо̄ Distillery.


Semi-finalists from venues across the country will now battle it out to be crowned #NCC2021 winner – a trip to Japan and a chance to represent the UK at the IBA World Cocktail Competition 2023 is at stake!

After a year’s hiatus, we’re back. The NCC is the rally cry for bartenders and mixologists from across the UK to show us what you’ve got, in one of the most important events in the hospitality industry calendar.

The entire country competes to win not only a grand prize and a title – but also the opportunity to represent the nation at the International Bartenders Association World Cocktail Championship, hosted next year in Russia.

The NCC gives our community an opportunity to learn from each other, to inspire each other with new recipes, innovative bartending techniques, flavour pairings, and platform their creativity on a global platform.

Our sponsor this year is the Akashi Sake Brewery and the Kaikyо̄ Distillery, home of Akashi-Tai Sake, Hatozaki Whisky and 135°East Dry Gin.

Our partnership and the theme of this year’s competition aims to bring Japanese beverage culture to a wider audience throughout Europe.


UKBG #NCC2021 Leeds Social – Domino Club, Leeds 22nd November

The UKBG National Cocktail Competition 2021 rolls on! We cordially invite you to our bar takeover at the very amazing

UKBG #NCC2021 Semi-Finalists Announced!

A massive thank you to each and every bartender from across the country and high seas that entered their Sake

How to make a (Good) Cocktail Video #NCC2021

Making social content is something that some people are naturals at – and something that some people might struggle with.

Where to buy your #NCC2021 supplies

As per our #NCC2021 entry rules, competitors are requested to use Akashi-Tai Sake (a minimum of 40ml of any expression)

UKBG National Cocktail Competition 2021 – Sponsored by Akashi Sake Brewery & Kaikyo Distillery

After a year’s hiatus, the UK Bartenders Guild’s National Cocktail Competition returns. Times are a little different to when we


Entry Overview

Updated 28.10.21

This page will be regularly updated. Check back for updates.

Entry for the UKBG NCC has now closed.

  1. Successful semi-finalists have been invited back to attend a successive masterclass, with Hatozaki Whisky – the ‘Ultimate Highball’ round of the competition
  2. The ‘Ultimate Highball’ round serves as our regional semi-finals and will see the UKBG travelling the country to find our regional finalists.
  3. The top three competitors from each UK region and two finalist from the maritime branch will then be shortlisted for the UKBG final event in 2021
  4. Competitors will be asked to present two cocktails – an Akashi-Tai cocktail, and an 135º East Gin cocktail
  5. The second cocktail recipe must be an interpretation of a ‘Fizz’ cocktail, as referenced under Section 2 of the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book