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UKBG Open Day 2012

On Thursday 22nd of November we held our annual UKBG Open Day at the wonderful Bar So in Bournemouth. First of all we held a Grand Prix cocktail competition where bartender were asked to a make their own creation as well as a cocktail from the following shortlist of classics courtesy of our brands who were showing off all their wonderful products.

Shortlist of classic cocktails
1)Sidecar with Lepanto Spanish Brandy by The General Wines
2)Mai-tai with Appleton Estate VX by Wray and Nephew
3)Mai-tai with Woods Dark Rum by First Drink
4)Cosmopolitan with Ketel One by Diageo
5)Clover Club with Beefeater 24 by Pernod Ricard
6)”Hoxton” Clover Club with Hoxton Gin by Emporia Brands
7)Bloody Mary with Belvedere Bloody Mary by Moet Hennessy
8) Julep with Makers Mark by Maxxium
9) Sidecar with Courvoisier Cognac

Who came third?

Jack Noble Hawkins
working at The Aruba (Pier approach Bournemouth)

Who came second?
Damaine Hinds
working at the Chewton Glen Hotel (New Milton)

Who was the winner?

Robb Collins
working at the Water-house Bar and Terrace (Hilton Metropole Brighton)

Winning recipes
Classic cocktail

Name: “I’ve got Honey on My Tie” twist on the Mai Tai
Method: Shaken
50ml Appleton EstateV/X;
20ml Fresh Lime juice;
15ml Ginger bread syrup;
15ml Honey syrup;
2large sprays of Angostura and Orange Bitter
Honeycomb with a Flamed orange zest

Mystery Box cocktail

Name: “Rom in the Woods”
Method: Shaken
35ml of Woods Rum;
20ml Creme the Cassis;
15ml Lemon Juice;
15ml orgeat syrup;
Egg white
Blueberries and Mint

Who were the key sponsors?

Claire Shepperd /Moet Hennessy
Alex Sheen/Asahi beer
Charles Savage/The General Wines
Neil Williams/Pernod Ricard
Danny Walker/Diageo
Paul Carry & Emily Warner/ First Drink
Andrew Scutts/Emporia Brands
Jon Calabrese/Hoxton Gin
Paul Newton/TUACA
Steve Mcinerny/Heineken Beer
Gregory Allen Wray and Nephew

We also receive support from Courvoisier Cognac, Maxxium, Monin syrup and Pago juices.

The Grand Prix was followed by a delicious meal at the adjoining 1812 Restaurant. After dinner we were treated to an amazing display by some of the best flair bartenders in the country.
Many thanks to the Sponsors, the Judges, Nick Gumery and his staff at “Bar So 1812 Restaurant” the UKBG Committee and supporters and most of all the competitors.

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