UK Bartenders Guild Services

As one of the leading professional communities for the bar and hospitality sector, the UK Bartenders Guild is able to provide a number of services to brands and organisations in the beverages space, within our remit of providing training and support to our membership.

We are able to provide a number of bespoke solutions for your business, that both provide value for our membership, and help you build your brand. If you would like to learn more about what the UKBG can do for your business, contact us now.


Bartender Engagement

A chance to communicate with those who have the power of your brand in their hand.

Liquid on Hips

Liquid on Lips

Sample and promote current liquids or NPD through our events. Gain valuable feedback, insight and trial new products.



Gain valuable visibility through our social media coverage, press release circuit, managed paid media, as well as newsletter and website placements.

Asset & Content Generation

Asset & Content Generation

The UKBG can produce high quality photography, videography and blog-style content around your product.

Guild Association

Guild Association

A ‘stamp of approval’ for working with the UK’s oldest surviving bar trades guild to validate product credibility and maximise exposure.


Cocktail Competitions

Increase your product exposure through our National and regional competitions.


Training Capabilities

Help train and nurture the next generation of bartenders, embedding your product within any of our diverse category training programmes.


Cocktail Accreditation

The UKBG can act as the registering body for new cocktail recipes and beverage categories.


Livestreamed Events

A dynamic and comprehensive way to increase reach and brand engagement.


Event Logistics

Organisation and implementation of events.