Embracing the UKBG Collective Trademark signifies more than mere branding—it’s a bold statement of commitment to excellence. By leveraging this emblem, brands gain unparalleled advantages:

  • Enhanced brand credibility and reputation.
  • Clear differentiation in competitive markets.
  • Direct access to target audiences.
  • Amplified marketing and promotional opportunities.
  • Active participation in industry initiatives.
  • Facilitation of partnerships and collaborations.
  • Assured legal protection and enforcement.
  • Access to comprehensive resources and support from UKBG.

In our commitment to maintaining the utmost integrity and alignment with UKBG’s values and objectives, brands undergo meticulous evaluation through our structured scoring system. This ensures that partnerships are forged with those who share our vision for excellence in the bartending industry. Furthermore, transparency and fairness are paramount in our process, with our methodical scoring system serving as a guarantee of equitable treatment in the allocation of our Collective Trademark.


Contact Claudia@ukbartendresguild.co.uk to find out more