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VERMOUTH TIME – How to serve authentic Italian aperitivo

Bringing the joy of the Mediterranean Aperitivo to you.


Does your knowledge of Vermouth stop at how to mix a banging Negroni? That’s about to change thanks to this brilliant partnership we’ve made with the Mediterranean Aperitivo Project (MAP).


A group of some of the very best Mediterranean producers have joined together to form MAP to bring the secrets of this age-old tradition to the rest of the world.


MAP is a three year long project co-financed by the European Union, aiming to raise awareness of European products with European Geographical Indication, such as Vermouth di Torino PGI, Pecorino Toscano PDO, PGI Costa d’Amalfi Lemon and Olives from Greece.


What makes these products perfect companions is that they are of excellent quality from fantastic producers, and MAP wants to share with restaurants and bars across the world how they can incorporate Aperitivo Time into their offering.


We were lucky enough to have been invited on a trip by MAP to Piedmont and Tuscany to meet some of the Vermouth and cheese producers and try their delicious products. Both regions are rich with food traditions and beautiful countryside alongside the cities of Turin and Florence, where we saw Aperitivo Time in action.


The chair of the Consortium of Vermouth di Torino PGI, Roberto Bava, who is also the owner of Cocchi Vermouth, is the man to ask about why MAP is so important. He’s a huge advocate of the slow eating, slow drinking, low ABV aperitivo lifestyle.  From his store just outside of Turin, Roberto waxed lyrical on his passion behind the MAP and behind bringing Vermouth to the world.

And who knew how many different flavours a Vermouth could have? After tasting and grading 30 the next day, we did!

30 in one morning (yep!) isn’t the way!.  We were very grateful for the beautiful handmade breadsticks at La Banca del Vino to soak it all up.


How to serve authentic Vermouth and aperitivo…


To bring their local speciality alive, the consortium has worked with Turismo Turino to create a campaign across the city where bars and restaurants promote something called EXTRA VERMOUTH – the hour of Vermouth di Torino, aromas and flavours to savour.


It’s a nod to the ritual of aperitivo, which is so deeply embedded in Italian, and particularly Turin’s, culture.  


The participating establishments exclusively use Vermouth di Torino, of which they offer 3 distinctive brands and 5 different types, including Extra-Dry, Dry, White, Amber and Red.


The Vermouth is served cold, with or without ice, with untreated and organic lemon or orange peel. 


Alongside the real Vermouth di Torino, a selection of typical local products and Piedmontese cuisine is served, including cheeses and cured meats, anchovies and tomini al verde, Russian salad, vitel tonné and meat all’albese, peppers in bagna càuda, breadsticks… all the way to hazelnuts and gianduiotti: five samples, one of which is sweet, as historical tradition requires.


All of this is offered by venues for 18 euros.


It’s a fabulous way for the city to pull together and support the brands and flavours behind its success and a gorgeous way for the Torinese, or tourists, to really experience the real city.  


There will be more fab trips to experience the project across Europe and events in London this year so members should get in touch if they want to get involved.


You can find out more about MAP here –

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