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Virtual Tour & Masterclass Event: Maison Noilly Prat | 5 May

With a history going back nearly 300 years, Vermouth has been on the bar back since the dawn of bartending. A fortified wine with its roots in Northern Italy, this aperitif has also found utility for levelling out the ABV of strong-based cocktails while imparting a rich aroma. So it makes sense that we’d jump at the opportunity to help the community learn more about it. We’ve teamed up with the lovely people of Maison Noily Prat for a special virtual tour and tasting masterclass! Read on to learn more.


Surrounded by the local vineyards of Marseillan and overlooking the oyster tables of the Étang de Thau, where Languedoc meets the Mediterranean, Noilly Prat Original Dry is crafted using a secret recipe of fine white wines, blended with 20 herbs and spices that are carefully sourced from around the world. We will be joined by Georgie Bell, Global Head of Advocacy for Incubation brands at Bacardi, and Kelly Bevan, Deputy Manager at la Maison Noily Prat for a tour of their distinguished distillery, a cocktail masterclass Q&A – and for lucky earlybird UKBG members, a sample taste-a-long session.

From an in depth tour of L’Enclos, Noilly Prat’s unique ageing facility in the courtyard, to seeing the Dodinage process with its botanicals through to the Chai Saint Louis where the vermouth spends the last 4 months of its life, UKBG members will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the distillery. Twenty ‘early bird’ registrants will be receiving a Noilly Prat companion sample pack, to accompany a full tasting of Noilly Prat Original Dry. We’ll also be given a overview of the other three amazing vermouths within their portfolio.


Our session is on May 5, 10.30AM-12.00PMRegister early to avoid disappointment.





Our Speakers


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Georgie Bell, Global Head of Advocacy for Incubation brands at Bacardi 

Formerly Global Malts Ambassador, Georgie has spent a decade deeply rooted within the Scotch Whisky industry. With a BSc in Distillation and as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, Georgie has made it her life mission to get under the skin of whisky – standing up to misconceptions and challenging its so-called ‘image’ along with all the stereotypes that go alongside. Having started her career as a bartender, she’s equally as comfortable behind a bar as she is sitting at one, usually enjoying an Oxley Gimlet or a Noilly Prat and Soda with a twist of lemon.


Kelly Bevan - Responsable adjoint centre de visite - Bacardi | LinkedIn

Kelly Bevan, Deputy Manager at la Maison Noily Prat.

Kelly started as a guide when she was 18, and had the privilege of translating for the Cellarmaster on all his tours. Cocktail lover, she was lucky to become friends with visiting and local mixologists who shared their savoir faire. She’s travelled extensively, visiting world famous bars along the way, but has always chosen to come back to the sunny side of Marseillan, to continue to transmit her passion and knowledge for the original French Vermouth, Noilly Prat.


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