Where to Buy Your Shochu & Awamori

The UKBG’s Great Honkaku Shochu & Awamori contest is upon us! With our first round’s online submission deadline being 28 February, you’ll want to get your supplies in, fairly quickly! Shochu isn’t as widespread among UK suppliers as other Japanese beverages, and given the international supply chain issues, distribution has been hit hard. However, given that our contest doesn’t place any big brand restrictions you’ll have a lot more freedom to choose the ingredients that really reflect your creativity.

For competitors, we’d recommend that you regularly refer to our Honkaku Shochu & Awamori seminar (all registered attendees will recieve a watch link to refer back to), and also our livestream Q&A with Dean Callan (below!), for tips, tasting notes and general competition guidance.

Category Recommendations

Our recommendations are based purely on availability in the UK, rather than specific properties of that brand. We should say that inclusion on this list is not a direct endorsement of any specific brand or supplier on our part. Remember, you will get the chance to justify and contextualise your ingredient choices on your submission form!

  • Awamori: We recommend Miyazato Harusame Kari (ABV 30%)
  • Mugi Shochu (Barley Shochu): We recommend using Ginza No Suzume Mugi  (ABV 20%)
  • Kome Shochu (Rice Shochu): We recommend Takahashi Hakutake Gin Shiro (ABV 25%)
  • Imo Shochu (Sweet Potato Shochu): We recommend Kuro Kirishima (ABV 25%)
  • Kokuto Shochu (Black Sugar Shochu): We recommend Amami Lento Kokuto Shochu (ABV 25%)


Recommended Retailers

  • The Whisky Exchange: The Whisky Exchange has a good selection of Shochu
  • Master of Malt: A wide selection of Japanese Spirits.
  • Tengu Sake: Tengu Sake has won numerous awards as a specialist spirits supplier, specifically for Japanese products.
  • Rice Wine Shop: A comprehensive Japanese and Far Eastern product retailer. However, this site is geared towards Japanese ex-pats living in the UK/EU, and as such is in Japanese. However, Google Chrome does a good job of translating,
  • Soldeli: An online webstore dedicated to Japanese Sushi & Fine Dining
  • World Sake Imports UK: An importer of Sake and Japanese beverages in the UK. Check their stockist listings for your nearest physical store.
  • Natural Natural: A network of community-based Japanese organic food stores in London. Many of the shops listed also do delivery.


We would urge you to order in your ingredients as soon as possible, in order to meet our submission deadline of February 28th 2022.


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